My name is Satinder Kassoana, you can call me Satty… all my friends do. I am the founder of Redniitas Creations, a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in graphic design, website design, logos, office stationery, brand & corporate identity design. I am based in the happy city of Montreal, Quebec.

Redniitas Creations is a website run by Satinder Kassoana, a graphic and  web designer/developer living in Montreal, Canada. He has been working with some big names of IT industry in countries so beautiful you won’t even believe.  He can speak 5 languages and write 4 languages (not counting an ancient language which he ONLY uses during exorcisms).

During last 8 years of traveling, reading and watching people polluting the planet earth, luckily Satinder gained some awesome knowledge of graphics and web design. He profoundly enjoys designing websites, logos, T-shirts, corporate stationery and swearing in his native language. He’s well versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Java (certified Java programer…that’s odd for a graphic designer..eh?)

Satinder also runs a non-profit TV show for Punjabi immigrants in Canada, where he writes, hosts, edits and produces the show single handily. This show is broadcast in Ontario on a multicultural TV channel. Other provinces politely declined the show. Some people are never appreciated in their own times.

However, Satinder has a pleasant and confident personality. According to him he can even survive Apocalypse/Doomsday/2012/Nibiru. He is 6′-2″ of total awesomeness.

Satinder is passionate about clean design and emerging web trends, and how the two intersect. He is always ready for exciting things. Contact him if you are:

  • a business person in need of an ele­gant and remark­able pres­ence on web
  • a business person looking for branding/re-branding your corporate identity
  • a pirate who have found a treasure map and now hiring ship crew
  • a lonely housewife and just wanna tell someone your deep dark secrets..

Try him, he’s good.



Picasso was in a park when a woman approached him and asked him to draw a portrait of her. Picasso agreed and quickly sketches her. After handing the sketch to her, she is pleased with the likeness and asks how much she owed to him. Picasso replies: "$5,000." The woman screamed, "but it took you only five minutes." "No, madam, it took me all my life," replied Picasso. -source unknown